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Free Shipping on orders above ₹299 | Buy 1 Get 1 offer @435rs

Western Tea Wonders

Western Tea Wonders is a compilation of teas that capture the essence of the western region of India. These teas are thoughtfully chosen to provide you with a captivating and diverse tea-drinking experience, highlighting the unique flavours and characteristics of the western part of the country. Whether you appreciate the enchanting Butterfly Blue Pea, the elegance of Darjeeling, the refreshing Miracle Mint, or the traditional Khawa, this combo offers a delightful journey through the flavours of western India.

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Preferred Order: Embark on your tea journey with the captivating and visually striking Butterfly Blue Pea tea in a tin. This tea offers a feast for the eyes with its vibrant blue hue and a subtle and enchanting flavour. It’s a unique and delightful start to your exploration of Western tea wonders. Continue your tea adventure with the elegance and sophistication of Darjeeling Soul. This tea, served in convenient tea bags, embodies the distinct character of Darjeeling tea. It’s a perfect choice for those who appreciate this renowned tea variety’s subtleties and refined taste. Refresh your palate with Miracle Mint, a minty infusion that offers a rejuvenating and refreshing experience. This tea, presented in a tin, is perfect for a midday pick-me-up, providing a delightful and cleansing interlude in your tea journey. Conclude your tea experience with Kashmiri Khawa, a traditional tea with a comforting and heartwarming character. This tea, in convenient tea bags, is known for its rich and aromatic qualities, offering a soothing and delightful conclusion to your exploration of Western tea wonders.



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