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Free Shipping on orders above ₹299 | Buy 1 Get 1 offer @435rs

Tea notes

At LeafBox, we offer a wonderful melange of wholesome blends, comprising finest tea and wondrous natural ingredients, with excellent antioxidant and medicinal properties. Beautiful blends of teas are relished the most in their natural authentic state, amplifying the flavours and aroma, for complete indulgence, captivating the senses for a long time, with lingering freshness on the palate.

Our premium offerings

Green Tea

shades of green tea
It is an extremely nutritious drink, light and fresh in taste. Green tea is abundant in antioxidants since it undergoes minimal oxidation. The youngest tea leaves, which are plucked during the first harvest, are rapidly heated and then dried. This process retains maximum antioxidants, and its freshness. The beautiful blends of Green tea are cherished for its marvellous flavours and practical benefits related to health and socialising.

Black Tea

black tea - assam masala chai
Black tea is widely consumed in the world, stronger in flavour since the tea leaves are allowed to fully oxidize. It contains high content of caffeine. Black tea has been savoured for centuries as a ritual from the age of kingdoms to the modern day world. It is a delightful drink, rich and intense in taste, energising your senses.

Oolong Tea

oolong green tea
Commonly known as the “Oriental Beauty”, Oolong tea is distinct from the other teas since it is semi-oxidised. It falls in between green and black tea. A tea lover cherishes the goodness of versatile flavours, and aromas of both the teas, and also of varying degrees in between. A tea maker can create magic with each steep and brew of the Oolong tea by bringing out a plethora of enticing flavours owing to the tea’s evolving character.

White Tea

white tea - green tea online
It is the most delicate and exquisite tea. Many people are allured by its gentle and soft flavours, containing the highest concentration of antioxidants with naturally very low caffeine. It is minimally processed in a unique way. The young tea leaves are picked up even before the leaves fully open, with the young buds still covered with much fine white hair (thus the name white). This mellow drink is hand harvested for a short period each year, processed meticulously with great care and dedication, making it very rare, valuable and expensive.

Wellness Tea

immuni green tea banner

Wellness teas are increasingly becoming popular among the masses for its numerous health benefits, in today’s world of awareness and mindfulness. They nourish by infusing the goodness of health benefits for the mind and body. Many aromatic and tasty blends of natural ingredients with the tea leaves lend the tea wonderful flavors, which a tea lover relishes joyously.  This healthy refreshing brew relaxes us, while it can also be consumed multiple times in a day.  

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