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Free Shipping on orders above ₹299 | Buy 1 Get 1 offer @435rs

About Us

About the company

At Leafbox, we offer a wonderful melange of wholesome blends, comprising finest tea and
wondrous natural ingredients, with excellent antioxidant and medicinal properties. Beautiful
blends of teas are relished the most in their natural authentic state, amplifying the flavours and
aroma, for complete indulgence, captivating the senses for a long time, with lingering
freshness on the palate.
Thus, it is imperative at Leafbox, to keep the freshness, nutrition, exotic flavours and aroma
of the tea intact. It is your prerogative to enjoy a cup of luscious tea by Leafbox.

leafbox teas team

Authentic, fresh and healthy!

We are providing the goodness of nature, in its most authentic state, leading your sensory pleasures to succumb to its full delight and for you to stay healthy.

We decided to take up the responsibility of providing exotic ingredients of superior quality in its 100% natural raw state without losing any of its essence to provide products which are holistic with copious health benefits, accompanied with exquisite flavours and distinct aroma.


Our features

We create high quality products, with best-in-class ingredients and technology

green tea bags online

Nitrogen Flushed

• Eliminates oxidation

• Retains naturalness
online whole leaf tea pack

Whole Leaf

• Whole and intact

• Better steeping

• Maximum benefits
loose leaf tea pack

Vacuum Packed

• Removes air and moisture

• Longest shelf-life
ingredients added in tea

Best-in-class Ingredients

• 100 % Natural

• Best of seasons flush

• Freshest
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No Fanning

• No Dust

• Highest quality of tea

• Finest tea leaves

• Supreme flavors


green tea garden in himalya


The charming Tea Gardens, nestled in the foothills of Himalayas are considered a “Gateway to Heaven” for the tea lovers.

tea gardent in darjeeling


Darjeeling has the most magnificent tea estates, known to produce high quality tea varieties. Darjeeling tea is popularly called "The Champagne of teas".

assam green tea garden


Assam is one of the richest biodiversity zones in the world, with unending stretches of vast mesmerising tea gardens.  Asom means 'one without equal', and many refer this to its world-renowned teas as well.

our green tea making process


pyramid design green tea bags

Nitrogen Flushed Pyramid shaped Tea bags

Whole tea leaves are provided in a Pyramid Tea Bag, which is meticulously packed by an individual. Additionally, every bag is Nitrogen Flushed to eliminate any scope of oxidation, filling it with nitrogen and sealing it tight. This process preserves the freshness, the authentic flavour and aroma, and the nutrients giving maximum benefits.

green tea vacuum pack

Vacuum Packed Loose Tea

Every Bag of Loose tea is Vacuum Packed to provide the experience of maximum freshness with the authentic flavour and aroma and nutrients intact in the tea. In this process all the air is removed and the moisture is reduced. Consequently, the tea will have the longest shelf-life due to the absence of bacterial and fungal growth.


The storage where the leaves are brought in has appropriate low temperature, minimum humidity, and clean space with excellent sanitation and disinfection, most conducive to a safe and hygienic environment for the tea leaves to stay in their natural state, retaining their freshness, aroma, flavours and nutrients.
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