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Weight-loss Regime

Immunitea (tin)+ Tulsi Bliss ( tea bag) + Moringa Green ( tea bags)


Description: Don’t you worry we are all on the same boat. All of us are leading super busy lives wherein we hardly have time for ourselves. Almost, all of us want to lose some weight and speed up the process. We bring to you the perfect combo to kick start your metabolism while giving you the boost of energy which will not only help you workout but will also keep you motivated and focused on your weight loss goals.


Preferred order: Though this combo does not require any specific order, you can start your morning with a cup of goodness of Moringa Green Tea to give that sleeping metabolism a kick. After which a cup of Immunitea to boost that immunity in your body to keep you motivated and moving and you can end your day with a cup of Tulsi Bliss Green Tea to give your body the goodness and the magical healing properties of Tulsi.



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