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Taste the Territory in Every Cup

Taste the Territory in Every Cup Combo is an exquisite selection of teas that brings to life the essence of India’s union territories. These teas are meticulously chosen to provide a diverse and flavorful tea-drinking experience, showcasing the unique characteristics and tastes of each region. Whether you savour delicate white tea, bold Assam blends, fruity infusions, or soothing herbal brews, this combo is designed to take you on a flavorful journey across the diverse union territories of India.


Preferred Order: Embark on your journey with Silver Needle tea, presented in a tin. This delicate and elegant white tea offers a glimpse into the refined flavours and subtleties of different regions, setting the stage for your exploration of India’s union territories. Continue your adventure with the bold and aromatic Assam Masala tea presented in a tin. This blend combines the robust character of Assam tea with masala spices, offering a flavorful and refreshing cup that reflects the vibrant flavours of the northeastern regions. Refresh your palate with a zesty Hibiscus tea, conveniently served in a tea bag. This fruity and tangy infusion adds flavour to your journey, reminiscent of the Union territories’ vibrant and tropical tastes. Experience a soothing interlude with Chamomile tea, served in a tea bag. Chamomile is celebrated for its relaxation-inducing properties, providing a serene and comforting cup that echoes the peaceful essence of some union territories. Conclude your tea experience with the enchanting Butterfly Blue Pea tea, served in a tea bag. This visually stunning tea offers a subtle and captivating flavour, adding an element of magic to your tea journey, mirroring the enchanting territories of India.



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