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Skin Radiance Combo

Butterfly Blue Pea ( Tin) + Oolong (Tin) + Hibiscus Tea ( tea bag)


Description: With the increasing amount of pollution and even lesser t8me to take care of our previous skin, many of us face issue with our skin looking dull or facing the signs of aging quite early in life. It is becoming more and more difficult to deal with skin issues and we wanted to make your life just a little simple with our skin radiance combo.


Preferred order: Start your day with a cup of some nutritious Hibiscus Green Tea and feel your skin rejuvenate with the goodness of hibiscus. Sip a cup of some amazing Oolong Tea to make yourself feel rejuvenated and relaxed. To have the magic begin have a cup of Butterfly Blue Pea Green Tea and feel the magic flood you and your skin with amazing anti aging and skin repairing cells.



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