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Free Shipping on orders above ₹299 | Buy 1 Get 1 offer @435rs

Hormonal Bliss

Miracle Mint ( tea bag) + Silver needle (tin)+ Chamomile (tea bag )

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Description: Having our hormones completely messed up is not a new thing in today’s era. It has indeed become a problem being faced by all and is not anyone’s cup of tea to handle, hence we decided to make the remedy everyone’s cup of tea in the most literal sense possible. Purchase this amazing combo and have your hormones feel the bliss they actually deserve.


Preferred Order: Let your day begin with the miraculous and refreshing benefits of our Miracle Mint Green Tea and feel the amazing freshness coursing through your body. The best tea and lightest tea in the world is Silver Needle Tea with which you can feel the lightness on your taste buds and the much needed rejuvenation to your hormones end the day with a cup of Chamomile Green Tea to give that hormonal imbalance in your body the much needed rest it needs.


1 review for Hormonal Bliss

  1. Riya S.

    very exotic collection. chamomile tea made me happy the most

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