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Free Shipping on orders above ₹299 | Buy 1 Get 1 offer @435rs

A Teacup of Northern Allure

Northern Allure brings together a collection of unique teas that capture the essence of different regions and flavours of northern India. These teas are carefully selected to offer you a diverse and captivating tea-drinking experience. Whether you’re a fan of bold and spicy flavours or soothing herbal infusions, this combo has something to delight your taste buds, all while showcasing the distinctive flavours of the northern region.

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Preferred Order: Begin your tea journey with Assam Masala, a rich and robust tea with the flavours of Assam, a region known for its strong tea. This tea is infused with masala spices, creating a bold and spicy blend that’s perfect for those who enjoy a kick of flavour in their tea, just as you’d find in the northern regions of India. Next, savour a cup of Kashmiri Khawa, a tea inspired by the flavours of Kashmir. This tea is likely to offer a delightful and aromatic experience, capturing the essence of this beautiful region in northern India. For a refreshing and invigorating interlude, indulge in the soothing properties of Miracle Mint. This minty infusion can help cleanse your palate and provide a rejuvenating sensation, making it an ideal choice for a midday pick-me-up reminiscent of northern Indian flavours. Conclude your tea experience with Tulsi Bliss, an herbal tea that incorporates the natural goodness of tulsi (holy basil). This tea is known for its calming and wellness-enhancing properties, offering a serene conclusion to your tea journey while highlighting the holistic essence of northern India.


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    I belong to the north and these teas combos are perfect for this climate

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