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Product categories

moringa loose leaf tea

Green Tea

An extremely nutritious drink, abundant in antioxidants, light and  fresh in taste, cherished for its marvellous flavours.

white tea loose leaf

White Tea

Most delicate and exquisite tea, minimally processed uniquely, making it very rare, valuable and expensive.

loose leaf oolong tea

Oolong Tea

Falls between green and black, allured for its versatile enticing flavours owing to the tea's evolving character.

assam premium leaf tea

Black Tea

Savoured for its rich and intense flavours, for centuries as the age of kingdoms to the modern day world.

immuni tea leafbox tea

Wellness Tea

This healthy refreshing brew with vibrant flavors, is trending among the masses, for nourishing our body with several nutrients and calming our senses

We at Leafbox are creating a new era by processing teas with love and care. Come, be a part of our journey.

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Every tea has its own story, get to know yours and brew it better!

Our features

We create high quality products, with best-in-class ingredients and technology

green tea bags online

Nitrogen Flushed

• Eliminates oxidation

• Retains naturalness
online whole leaf tea pack

Whole Leaf

• Whole and intact

• Better steeping

• Maximum benefits
loose leaf tea pack

Vacuum Packed

• Removes air and moisture

• Longest shelf-life
ingredients added in tea

Best-in-class Ingredients

• 100 % Natural

• Best of seasons flush

• Freshest
Buy Tea Online

No Fanning

• No Dust

• Highest quality of tea

• Finest tea leaves

• Supreme flavors

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Wishing you a wonderful voyage through the wonderous and wholesome world of exotic teas at Leafbox
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